Mission, Culture, & Community

Our Culture Was Built On Providing For Others

Our mission is to build long-term partnerships to yield successful results and benefits for all involved, including customers, fellow employees, and our surrounding community.

Industrial Reliability and Repair was founded almost 20 years ago with the intention of creating long-term partnerships with benefits to all because of the impact it has on our cultural values. We want everyone involved within our company and outside of our company to feel genuinely valued by IRR.

Making an Impact

Adopt a Family

During the holidays, IRR collaborates with members of the community to sponsor families in need. In 2021, we were able to adopt 13 families and over 36 children.

Many of the children who are adopted by our team live in poverty with little access to food during winter break. Our goal is to provide them with essential items as well as quality gifts that have been personalized with the child’s wants and needs in mind.

All children receive: a pair of shoes, a winter coat, hat & gloves, a blanket, several outfits, books and at least three personalized toys and/or gifts.

IRR FUNdamental Basketball Camp

IRR sponsored the first ever FUNdamental Basketball Camp for boys and girls from kindergarten through eighth grade. 75 kids attended.

The camp was formed to honor the late Coach Smith and to give back to the community. The camp will continue on an annual basis.

Community Involvement

Safety, Quality and Production are three key elements to our success and culture in the field.

  • Ross County Economic Development
  • Local and Regional Athletic Teams
  • Local and Regional Athletics Boosters
  • Mathew 25 Ministries
  • Local Police Training
  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • Event and Golf Outing Sponsorships
  • NFIB
  • Local and Regional Schools

Our Cultural Purpose

At IRR, we succeed together, or we fail together. We support one another in vulnerable moments & accomplishments. At IRR, we are a family.


To create an environment different from other companies, ingrained in passion, integrity, & loyalty, motivating all team members to work toward the same goal, without a self-serving mentality.


To invest in our people & provide opportunities to passionate individuals.


The safety of our employees, with their physical & mental health being equally important.