Reliability & PM Services

Reliability Work

Reliability Centered Maintenance and Reliability Centered Installations should be the standard in industry. However, many contractors are not well-versed in these concepts. One major cornerstone of IRR’s culture is reliability based work.

Reliability Centered Maintenance

  • Correct equipment analysis during repairs
  • Baseline of bearing protection and equipment
  • Minimize shaft stress on bearings by proper alignment
  • Minimize stress on bearings from external sources, such as pipe stress
  • Proper lubrication
  • Coupling specifications/installations
  • Gear alignment and engagement
  • Proper torque methods and solid fastener verification (no soft foot)
  • Cleanliness
  • Balanced
  • Ancillary Equipment Items
  • Proper piping installations for proper flow as designed
  • Hanger standards
  • Welding procedures per design
  • QC/Weld maps
  • Foundation analysis on equipment and support structures
  • Structural integrity

Reliability Centered Installations

  • Best practices and reliability based:
  • Equipment foundations/sole plates/bases
  • Fasteners/anchors
  • Piping installations
  • Welding procedures
  • Documentation

Reliability Process and Systems
Analysis/PPM programs

  • Mean Time Between Failure Analysis (MTBF)
  • System Cost Metric Analysis for Maintenance Type: Run-to-failure versus Preventative Maintenance versus Condition Monitoring
  • PM route building
  • PM work order building with condition coding
  • Facilitator/Gate Keeper program to assure reliability work completion/shutdown management
  • Technology recommendations: Vibration Analysis, Ultrasonics, IR scanning, Alignment equipment recommendations
  • Installation recommendations/considerations
  • Develop best practices and designs for maintenance and new installations.
  • Reliability craft training.
  • Failure analysis program
  • Reliability level tracking for specific equipment/systems/processes.