It is acceptable to block access to fire-fighting equipment, live electrical panels, eyewash stations and emergency exits with bulky material as long as there is sign or note nearby.

Which PPE shall be inspected prior to use?

Which of the following must be reported immediately?

A JSA is a document used to assess each work step, the hazards (or potential hazards) associated with those steps and how to perform the work safely by mitigation or elimination of those hazards identified. JSA’s must be reviewed prior to beginning the work by those assigned to the task.

Some essential features of a safe work permit (SWP) include:

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) is used to control various types of hazardous energy sources such as:

When LOTO procedures are performed, it is acceptable to have one lock on a lockbox for multiple people. Only one person needs a key.

A confined space is defined as:

Atmospheric monitoring must be conducted prior to entry of a confined space and continuously throughout the shift. It is acceptable to work in a confined space if oxygen levels are between 19.5%-23.5%.

A Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) consists of:

PFAS anchorage points must be rated for:

Before accessing scaffold, it must be inspected by:

Only qualified scaffold erectors are permitted to

Hazardous Communication states that you DO NOT have the right to know about hazardous chemicals you use on the job nor have the right to know how to work safely with those chemicals.

Compressed gas cylinders must be stored in an upright position. Oxygen cylinders must be stored a minimum of 20’ away from flammables or by a 5’ fire resistant barrier rated for a half hour

When using a fire extinguisher, what does P.A.S.S. stand for?

The purpose of a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is to prevent electrocution. A GFCI is:

Removing safety devices from power tools and equipment, such as guards, is an acceptable safety practice.

Which of the following is the correct method for use of a wrench?

It is a requirement to be fit for duty. Substance abuse will not be tolerated.

Housekeeping is required throughout the shift, at the end of the shift and at the end of a project. A clean job is a safe job.

A passing score of 80% or greater is required.